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Walnut with black accent

Walnut with black accent

This is a walnut ring with a small epoxy accent. It sizes out right at an 8 it is just under 4mm thick and 7mm wide. The walnut grain really shows well in this one.

All rings are made of natural hardwoods with jewelry grade epoxy coating

Since these are made of natural hardwoods rings may be stronger in some directions than others. Coating adds some strength and protection.

Wood rings will last years with proper care.

Avoid wearing your ring in the shower, while doing dishes, while swimming, or doing other activities that have prolonged exposure to water or chemicals. Note that hand sanitizer and nail polish remover are especially hard on wood finishes, so take your ring off before you sanitize your hands or doing your nails. Lava soap and other pumice soaps can etch the finish.

As a general rule we recommend taking off any wood ring while engaging in activities that involve heavy use of your hands. If you think what you are about to do could possibly result in harm to the ring, then take it off until you are done.

Maintaining your ring is simple. Light buffing with a microfiber cloth keeps it looking nice. If you want to add a little shine, use a tiny bit of polish based with carnauba or beeswax.

Note that exposure to sunlight can change the color of your ring over time. Wood evolves, and its evolution is powered by the sun. Especially in woods like Purple Heart which will continue to gain character overtime.

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