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PreachersBoards Smoking Board Starter Kit

PreachersBoards Smoking Board Starter Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to smoke cocktails at home. 8”x8”x1.25” solid white oak board (with chamfered sides pictured), 16 oz wide mouth mason jar with lid, basic butane torch lighter, and a starter assortment of 3 types of hardwood smoking chips (apple, pecan, and cherry).

Other items can be placed in the mason jar to infuse smoke flavor other than drinks as well. Works with meats and cheese cubes, too!

As seen in the video, the wood chips are lit with the lighter and allowed to burn for a few seconds. The Mason jar is placed over top of the wood chips to extinguish the flame and capture the smoke. Add your drink into the mason jar and screw on the lid trapping the smoke inside with the beverage. Allow to rest, then remove the lid and pour into a drinking glass.

Use caution, this item does use flame to create smoke, be sure flame and smoke are gone after use and chips are cooled before disposal. Demonstration conducted with apple juice.

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