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Hickory and Maple with Epoxy Wave 1

Hickory and Maple with Epoxy Wave 1

Measures 17” x 9” x .75"


Ready to find a place in your home. This serving board is hickory and maple with a crashing wave patterned epoxy resin pour over 1/3 the face that cascades over the sides. Every board of this style is guaranteed to be one of a kind.


It is designed to remind you of all those calm and peaceful days sitting on the shoreline just watching and listening to the tide.


This one does have FDA approved food contact grade epoxy resin on the front, which will show cut marks easier than the wood, so we would advise not cutting on the front of the board unless it is done on the exposed wood portion.


The back of the board is sanded and oiled hardwood with no resin. This would be the better side to cut on, but we would still advise having a towel on the table or counter under the face to keep that resin looking like new.
  • Care Instructions

    Do not place any of our boards in the dishwasher or soak in water.

    If needed it can be wiped or rinsed briefly with water and dried immediately after. Be sure to treat the board regularly with a product such as Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner after cleaning to extend the life of your boards.

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